1,478 witness Chodov beat Weissenfels for a semi-final spot – 06.10.2017

Czech Florbal Chodov will play Finnish champions Classic in tomorrow’s Champions Cup 2017 semi-final. Chodov opened the tournament by beating German Weissenfels 8-4 in front of 1,478 spectators at Seinäjoki Areena.

The crowd of Seinäjoki schoolchildren filling the stands got to see Chodov owning the ball from beginning but it took 10 minutes for Ondrej Mikes to finally beat Weissenfels goalkeeper Martin Brückner. A mere minute later Dan Kasovsky extended the Czechs’ lead and everyone present understood their third by Martin Koutny at 16:33 meant the beginning of the end for the German champions.

Jonas Hoffman’s goal at the beginning of the second period gave Weissenfels a glimmer of hope that was to be darkened by Tom Ondrusek and Martin Rezac before the second intermission. Rezacs’ breakaway was first saved by Martin Brückner but Martin Koutny set Rezac up for a second attempt which he did not miss.

With Chodov with a comfortable 8-1 lead in the final period, the Germans were able to score three goals for consolidation. After Martin Bruckner’s 8-2 it was Anssi Soini time and the Weissenfels Finn first beat Karel Santora off a penalty shot and then a breakaway set up with a beautiful long pass by Phillip Weigelt.

Weissenfels is to meet either Finnish SPV or Swiss SV Wiler-Ersigen for 5th spot at 1 pm local time on Saturday at Seinäjoen Urheilutalo.