Is Classic finally ready to go all the way? – 05.10.2017

As reigning Finnish champions, it is Classic’s next goal to bring home the Champions Cup trophy from Seinäjoki. For their star center Jussi Piha this might be his last chance for a big one as his career is coming to its end.

Jussi Piha has represented Classic in Champions Cup i 2013 in Tampere and last year in Swedish Borås. Both have given him experience to be carried to this year’s tournament, too.
”In Tampere it was a great event but left us with little in the rink. We tried to play too safe and were not ready for more as a team. Last year it felt like we had our chance but we were still not ready to go all the way yet. One must respect the result (1-2 loss against Storvreta) but of course it left us hungry for something better.

Jussi Piha sees Seinäjoki as an excellent choice for Champions Cup as his expectations fly high.
”In Borås there was no home team playing which obviously killed some of the atmosphere and the stands looked rather empty. Seinäjoki and SPV have always been able to build good events and it is a good time, too, with both pesäpallo (Finnish baseball) and football seasons coming to their ends. It is s sports city and there’s going to interest even beyond local SPV. Our own general manager Pasi Peltola will certainly bus in a lot of our fans and it’s going to be a beautiful weekend at Seinäjoki Areena.”
It will be a rare opportunity to see the best club teams and best players of the world which does not happen every day in Finland.
”It is going to be worth attending for bot floorball people and anyone with a taste for sports. The games are going to top class and I’m really looking forward to playing.”

The Champions Cup formula leaves no room for excuses. With a defeat you’re out and for the teams seeded straight into semi-finals it may be their only Champions Cup game. Jussi Piha admits he would like to enjoy the tournament in a longer form.
”There’s never too many international games so it would be nice to have more teams from more countries attending. Your timing must be set right right away and facing a team that already has a game under their belts in the semi-final has its pros and cons. The formula is cruel but also interesting.
In their semi-final on Saturday, Classic is going to face either Czech Chodov of German Weissenfels. In a short tournament, you cannot spend too much time thinking about your next opponent.
”I know neither of those teams too well myself but at least Czech like to play their floorball pretty straightforward. Anyway, we are going to meet a hungry and ambitious opponent. Naturally, our coaches are going to watch the quarter-finals to get an impression but we are not going to spend too much time studying the opposition. It is far more important to get your own game right and the courage to play is going to be decisive.”

It is no secret that all experts have picked Swedish IBF Falun as their favourite to take the title but one must not forget the uncertainties of one single ball game.
”Falun is definitely the favourite but I would not make any large bets on their playing in the final. Both SPV and SV Wiler-Ersigen are excellent floorball teams and in a semi-final against either of the anything can happen”, Jussi Piha states.