Pasi Peltola waits for exciting tournament – 03.10.2017

Finnish double champions Classic from Tampere will obviously have both their men’s and women’s teams represented in Champions Cup 2017 in Seinäjoki. Besides next week’s floorball extravaganza, general manager of the club, Mr. Pasi Peltola is also looking forward to taking his Salibandyliiga team to play in Singapore later this season.

Especially with their ton of women’s Finnish titles, Classic have attended their share of Champions Cup tournaments. With more experience than patriotism, Pasi Peltola says the ones organized in Finland have been the best this far.

– I can’t even recall the exact number of times we have attended but it must be around 15, give or take a few. The ones in Finland like 2008 in Vantaa and 2013 in Tampere clearly placed on top regarding both the audience and the atmosphere. I am sure that will be repeated in Seinäjoki. SPV have promised to fill the arena and make everything big, Peltola says.

Classic’s fans really made an impression when the sea of them painted the Finnish Superfinale stands blue and Pasi Peltola wishes to see the Seinäjoki Arena look the same. At least the distance should not be a problem as it is only 188 km from Tampere to Seinäjoki by car. In Finnish floorball that is not bad at all.

– Tampere is situated comfortably looking from anywhere, Pasi Peltola laughs.

– Our fans supported us beautifully and I hope they will be present in Seinäjoki, too.  We have made a lot of marketing within the club and I am confident they will come.

With both Classic teams obviously setting their own goals for the Champions Cup, it is unlikely that Finnish Champions would settle for less than yet more international trophies. For Mr. Classic himself, though, winning in Seinäjoki is no obsession.

– It is not like we are going to travel there to play once on Saturday and then put on reverse and back home but I’m not going to make this tournament the most important thing in the world. We are going to do our best and then see where that gets us, Pasi Peltola states.

Peltola is known as a man who does not hesitate to say what he thinks. One of Peltola’smore revolutionary ideas was heard two years ago, when he suggested Champions Cup and World Championship tournaments for national teams should be played together in August. Today, “Passo” admits he still misses the old European Cup formula of Champions Cup.

– I am aware of the economic constraints but the concept is now worse than it used to be. The original one where the tournament lasted from Tuesday to Sunday with one day off was superb. Personally, I would like to move back to that direction and I also have suggested a “Super WFC” for August. That would increase the volume of the event and possibly help the economy of both. Obviously, I know these are not easy things to change and they would take their time.

Last season, Classic and Pasi Peltola stole the headlines by signing Finland’s number one tennis star Jarkko Nieminen to play for Classic in Salibandyliiga. This year’s big marketing move was their announcement of a league game against TPS Turku to be played in Singapore of all places. Arrangements for the November occasion have kept Peltola busy.

– We have got lots of positive feedback for the move, spiced by some doubts about the Finnish Floorball Federation taking part of the costs. I can assure everyone that is not the case as the Singapore federation supported by local businesses have arranged the funding. it is not going to be a mere game between two Finnish teams as there’s going to be floorball presentations at local schools and co-operation with the Singapore national team. Naturally, we are going there to do our part for spreading floorball and building the brand of the sport around there, Pasi Peltola says.

As a player, Pasi Peltola registered 132 Salibandyliiga and 1st Division games with 59 goals and 121 assists. Since then, he has become possibly the most influential person in Finnish floorball, working long days for his club and the sport. A bit surprisingly, his busiest time of the year is when the players are just preparing for a new season.

– It is between the season’s last game and the first one of the next season when most things happen. That is when the team and the next season’s events are built and commercial contracts are negotiated.
But not even a guy like Pasi Peltola can live and breathe just floorball all the time. During the las few years, Peltola has found a new way for his competitive character. A smaller but heavier ball is included.

– It has been merely three years since I played my first round of golf. Now, it has become a major way for me to find new energy and relax.

Peltola’s handicap is not yet something to boast of, though.

– 12 and something and it should already be a lot better. A pitiful number really, Pasi Peltola laughs.